Make Your Computer Fast With This Simple Tricks

, Monday, April 19, 2021

How to Make Your Computer Fast?

So if you are getting a problem with your computer and your computer is becoming slow day by day? don’t worry in this article I will teach you how you guys can make a computer fast by using some simple tips.

 this sounds a little bit funny but I am pretty sure after using the tricks that I will provide will helps to make your computer fast. so let’s get started with the amazing tips and tricks that I will provide.

Delete Temp Files

In our computer system, there are lots of temp files which makes your computer slower,  all these files are unnecessary files and they are not usable so you have to delete that temp file and you will get some free spaces and your computer will be a little bit faster than now. So to delete the temp file you have to search for %temp% by pressing Ctrl + R and then you will get lots of unusable files and folders so delete all those files and don’t worry you will not lose your important data by deleting those files

now after deleting that file again press Ctrl + R and search temp in the search bar and then delete all those temp files, both %temp% and temp folder have unusable temp files which makes your computer a little bit slower so delete all of those files from that folder and also delete them from your Recycle Bin.

Delete Prefetch

Prefetch is a log file of your computer and it collects lots of files and store in its prefetch folder so you have to delete all the files of Prefetch folder and don’t worry deleting those files will not affect your computer system, so simply delete those files and you pc will be a little bit faster and it also helps in the fast boot of your computer. so for that again press Ctrl + R and search Prefetch and delete all the files inside that folder.

Disable Unused Startup Programs

So lots of your computer boot up very slow even if you have SSD in your pc and all this happens due to the startup program, there are lots of programs which starts after your computer boots so you have to disable all those startup programs.

so for that go to your task manager and go to Startup menu and then you will see lots of programs some of are enabled and some of are disabled to just see which programs you want to open in startup and disable all others unwanted programs and services so after doing this just restart your pc and then you will see lots of improvement in you pc.

Change your Power Option

So if you guys are using Desktop Computer then this trick will help you a lot so first, off all you have to go to your control panel and go to power option now there you will see power saving option, balanced option and then High-Performance option so maybe you don’t have Unlimited Performance Option so to unlock that just go to cmd and run it as admin and type paste the code that I will provide.

Code For Unlimited Performance
powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

After applying the code that I have provided you will see the unlimited performance mode option and then just switch to the unlimited performance mode and your pc will use all your resources and gives you better performance.

if you are a laptop user then I don’t recommend you to use this because it will consume lots of your power and your battery will be finished very soon you can use it while charging but your laptop will overheat.

Update Your Drivers

So lots of us don’t care about the Drivers of the computer but if you don’t update our drivers then it will make your computer slower so you have to update your driver and if you don’t know how to update your driver then you can Download Driver Pack Solution this will helps you to find and download all the necessary drivers of your computer.

Uninstall Unwanted Programs

If you have lots of programs and games installed in your pc then maybe your pc will become slow so delete all the unwanted software’s and games which you don’t use and this helps your computer to free up space and gives you a better performance.

Uninstall Unwanted Antivirus Software

If you have installed Antivirus software to remove virus from you computer then let me tell you that Windows 10 have its own anti virus which is know as Windows Defender and it does all the things which antivirus does so you don’t have to install other anti virus software to make you computer more faster.

So if you follow all the steps that I have provided then I am sure that you will get lots of changes in your computer performance and your computer will be a lot faster. those very very important tips to make your computer faster so hope these tricks will helps you a lot.

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