How to Get Better FPS in Pubg Mobile Emulator

, Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Nowadays Pubg Mobile has become very famous and many peoples are playing this game. As we already know the PUBG Mobile has become a very popular game in the world and it is growing very rapidly and many peoples are playing this game even old peoples  are are playing this game. 

all types of people play this game like kids, youth, and old peoples.  as we all know that this game requires a good device to play because this is an FPS game and people need to get good FPS so they can play these games smoothly. we can play this game on mobile phones, tablets and even we can play this on PC too.

 So if you don’t have a good mobile phone but if you have a good computer then you can easily play PUBG mobile in your computer. so for playing PUBG mobile on the computer you need an Android Emulator

There are lots of Android emulators which we can use to play Pubg mobile on our PC but if they all are not good some of them laggy and some are not compatible with PUBG mobile. 

Which Emulator Should I Use?

So let me tell you that there is an official emulator of PUBG mobile or we can also say that the official emulator of Tencent is called Gameloop. I know there are lots of other emulators like Bluestacks, LD player, and other many more but Gameloop is one of the best emulator that I have used till PUBG Mobile also recommend us to use the Gameloop

What is Emulator?

Android Emulator is Software that we can use to play Android games on the computer. nowadays Technology has become very interesting and many amazing new things are inventing and developed day by day likewise Android Emulator is also one of the best things of the invention. Emulator have lots of Android games which we can play in PC with proper Keybinding, we just need a keyboard and mouse to play all types of android games, in the Computer. There are lots of games in games like PUBG Mobile,Call of Duty mobile, Free Fire, Subway Surf, Hill Climb Racing and other many more

gameloop emulator

How to Download Gameloop? 

 So to download Gameloop you just need to go to the official website of Gamelopp and there you will see the download button just download the Gameloop from there .

 How to Install Gameloop?

 It is very easy to install Gameloop like other software but let me tell you that you have to change one step before installing. it is a very important step, so the step is that you need to change the installation destination of the Gameloop, Gameloop doesn’t install automatically in the C drive and it installs it to other drives. if you have SSD on your computer you have to change that the installation path to C drive because as we all know that SSD is very fast and effective. so if you SSD then change the installation path to the SSD drive so you will get better performance in the game.

Settings for making Games Smooth

 After installing the Gameloop You have to change some settings so after installation just goes to the 3 dots and then go to the engine then you will find lots of things like openGL+, direct +, and Auto mode so let me tell you that opensGl+ will use your graphic card for processing the game graphically.

and Directx means it uses your CPU so if you don’t have a graphic card then you have to use DirectX+ if you have GPU then you can use OpenGL+ but I recommend you to use auto mode so it will automatically choose what is better according to your pc specification and you don’t have to choose anything.

after that enable rendering cache and then enable Force Global rendering cache and enable Prioritize graphics card and then enable render Optimisation there is enable vertical sync also but don’t enable it.

Memory and Anti-Aliasing

after that, if you have a good graphic card then use anti-aliasing as Ultra and memory as auto and then processor as auto and set the resolution as your PC have After that set the screen DPI and then playback device so after that go to the model There you will find the model , set the model to ROG 2 which gives you 90 FPS in the Gameloop and also in the games

better fps in pubg settings


After the model section you will find the games so you have to set your game resolution if you have a 720 monitor then Set it to 720p and if you have a 1080p monitor then set it to 1080p but remember that high resolution means it uses your graphics card and if you have a very good graphics card then just set to FHD 2K only if you have 2k monitor. (Note- this is only suitable for top configurations, such as GTX1060 and higher graphics)

now after that just set your graphics quality HD if you have good graphics card or good specs computer and if you don’t have then just set it to smooth or leave it Automatic.

better fps in pubg

now after go to FPS section and set your FPS to 90 ( if you have 90 hertz monitor then it will gives you 90 fps but if you don’t have then it will gives you 60 fps)

So after you go to the game just go to the setting of PUBG Mobile and go to the graphic section and there set graphics to smooth so you will get smooth gameplay. and set color which you want like colorful or smooth. at lat you will found anti aliasing option, if you have good specification pc then make it enable and if you don’t have good pc than diable nad after that you are ready to go.


So here in this article, I have provided the best emulator to play PUBG mobile smoothly. I have given all the best settings for the emulator which helps to makes your game more smooth.

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android devices, please use CPU-Z app

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